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Here is How it Works:

Step 1

Request a free no-obligation offer
Simply give us a call at (216) 616-3321 or fill out our form online and we will contact you to get more information about your property.

Step 2

We visit your house
We will schedule a quick in person visit at your property to confirm the information you provided to us and inspect the property.

Step 3

Get an offer, close and move on
We will send you a written offer with closing date of your choice.
Remember, we charge you no fees or realtor commissions and we will cover all closing costs.

We Are the Columbus property Buyers

Columbus Home Buyers. We are offering you a simple way to sell your property in Columbus, with no obligations or fees and commission payments for us.  selling your Columbus home Is what we do best!

In property sales – the person in charge of the sale (A.K. in the professional title: a real estate agent) would demand from you a relative percentage of the price you sold your house, which will leave you with a lean profit amount of money from the sale.

If you let us buy your home – we at the Columbus Property Buyers Company – will leave with all the profit without any middleman fees. We Buy Houses Columbus and you are earning big time!

The process by which we buy homes is simple and less stressful than the traditional method of selling a house via a real estate agency or an agent.


Our purpose is to supply you with a possible positive experience while you are selling your home – with us helping you hand in hand, you will win back lost time and effort and gain a less stressful process you will have to handle much less paperwork.  

All our services are available online – to make the sale of your home as easygoing as we can.  

To get a non-obligating cash bid on your property – contact us today.

Get Your Fair Cash Offer Without Obligations

The Benefits of Selling to IDD Real Estate

Traditional Sales Process

or Property Investor

IDD Real Estate


Get a No-Obligation Cash Offer Today! It's just in over your reach!

When you decide it is the right time to sell your home – you need for reasons that are your own as much money as you can get on the sale in your bank account, so if you are interested in getting cash home buyers in Columbus from us contact us.

We lead potential property buyers with cash throughout all areas of Columbus to offer your fair value for your property – and seal the deal in as little time as possible.

After we view your house – we are preparing a – non-obligating buying-in-cash offer for you to review, exclusively offering it to you to be valid and available 24 hours from its bidding time.

That does not include hidden articles, fees, or commissions. You are not obligated to close the deal with us. 

This offer’s core purpose is to provide fair value free of the stressful process of selling your home.

Join the People Who Made the Move With IDD Real Estate

Lauren Gildner
Lauren Gildner
Read More
They reached out to me, and it was perfect timing. We were ready to sell, and my renter was getting ready to move out, so we needed a quick sell. They reached out Mid January and we closed 2-18-23. All cash, as is… couldn’t ask for an easier process! Thank you again!
Bonny Heater
Bonny Heater
Read More
Daniel and crew were very professional very reasonable and I Would work with them again!
Get Your Fair Cash Offer Without Obligations

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

Our reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, and for going out of our way to offer the very best price we can for every property is second to none.

Our team is very experienced and effective in helping solve complex situations and expediating the selling of your property. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and commit to being very communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring you will get the peace of mind you deserve.

Regardless of the condition, age, size, or specific situation of your home, we commit to giving you a FAIR OFFER to buy your property, in its AS-IS state.

When you work with us, you will no longer need to deal with realtors, pay realtor commissions, wait months for a buyer, pay closing costs or do any repairs to prepare your house for sale.

What makes IDD REAL ESTATE different is that our core value is communication. We believe good communication is the key to any successful deal and therefore commit to being responsive and professional throughout the entire process, making sure you get peace of mind you deserve.


Any Condition

Any Challenge

Sell your real estate property in exchange for fast and easy dollars!

Sell Your House Fast for Cash – it is not a dream but real! The way of selling a house works in the following way: you hire the service of a real estate agent, and he is responsible for marketing to the public that you are selling your property through this procedure, you first must find the right buyer for your house only then you can get paid for this deal. In most parts, property owners in Columbus – this procedure runs through too many long months. Not only that – the potential buyer of your home expects when he comes to review the house that it will be in perfect shape and clean condition with no need for him to do any extra repairs.

Looking for a buyer. For many Columbus homeowners, If the day does come and you have successfully managed to find an interested buyer for your estate, no one can voucher for the transaction to happen. 

Contrary to this gloomy state of events – if you are selling your home to us at We Are the Columbus Property Buyers – you are not required to do anything to find the right buyer. You also do not need to prepare or do any renovation work on the house – you can sell it as it is without spending extra money on its cleaning or fixing. We have a principle that is not taking any fee or commission from our clients, enabling them to keep all payments on their house to themselves.

sell your home to We Buy Houses. We Are the Columbus are buying houses all over Columbus, Oh and its nearby surrounding towns and suburbs.

If you decide it’s your time to sell your home as fast as possible- sell your home in its current condition, and you want cash dollars in your bank account in exchange – contact us at We Are the Columbus Property Buyers today by filling in your details in a short site form – without any obligation. We buy houses in Columbus, Ohio we will sell your house fast.

Areas we service

We are known for being highly knowledgeable and effective in conducting real estate transactions in the states of Ohio and Indiana.



Fort Wayne



Get Your Fair Cash Offer Today!

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