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Here is How it Works:

Step 1

Request a free no-obligation offer
Simply give us a call at (216) 616-3321 or fill out our form online and we will contact you to get more information about your property.

Step 2

We visit your house
We will schedule a quick in person visit at your property to confirm the information you provided to us and inspect the property.

Step 3

Get an offer, close and move on
We will send you a written offer with closing date of your choice.
Remember, we charge you no fees or realtor commissions and we will cover all closing costs.

We Are a company of Home Buyers in Cincinnati

In buying real estate properties in Cincinnati, our sole purpose is to give real estate property owners a high-quality, accessible service that enables them to sell their homes in exchange for getting cash only. We are interested in buying any real estate even if its condition is worse and unworthy – we pay all commissions and fees in the buy itself. We can offer you the simple, reliable, and straightforward closing process that you can find. If you want to get quick cash payment on the spot and time of your choice, we are the best choice and opportunity for you to do that.


Our services include a selling process that is pain-free and carefree for our clients is a priority. In our method of buying and selling your estate, we will offer you the necessary support and information. We do everything to guarantee that all selling processes of your home will go to term as smoothly and as fast as possible. 


Contact us today and talk with one of our specialist team members in your local area for more details about the specific ways and services we can give you. 

Get Your Fair Cash Offer Without Obligations

The Benefits of Selling to IDD Real Estate

Traditional Sales Process

or Property Investor

IDD Real Estate


Get a Cash Offer with no commitment and obligations free now!

By cutting out the agents you don’t have to worry about covering sales commissions and because we understand your personal dilemmas in most cases, we will pay all closing costs. Yes, that is correct, we pay the costs! And because we see the bigger picture, we don’t expect you to carry out any improvements on your property, we buy the house as is and renovate it ourselves which saves you this added frustration and expense.

Because we are the buyers, you will not have your dinners interrupted by buyer viewings, show houses and your phone ringing off the hook with agents seeking access. That’s right, no frequent disruptions to your life. We require inspection access which is minimal and then we are sorted.

Join the People Who Made the Move With IDD Real Estate

Corey Morrill
Corey Morrill
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IDD did everything they said they were going to do through the entire transaction of purchasing a property from me. They made a fair offer, they closed quickly, and they were easy to deal with. I recommend them with confidence.
Kyle Hug
Kyle Hug
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I was worried about being able to handle the sale of my property while living out of state. Their cash offer was fair, they took care of all the details and they made the process quick and simple for both me and the tenant.
Get Your Fair Cash Offer Without Obligations

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

Our reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, and for going out of our way to offer the very best price we can for every property is second to none.

Our team is very experienced and effective in helping solve complex situations and expediating the selling of your property. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and commit to being very communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring you will get the peace of mind you deserve.

Regardless of the condition, age, size, or specific situation of your home, we commit to giving you a FAIR OFFER to buy your property, in its AS-IS state.

When you work with us, you will no longer need to deal with realtors, pay realtor commissions, wait months for a buyer, pay closing costs or do any repairs to prepare your house for sale.

What makes IDD REAL ESTATE different is that our core value is communication. We believe good communication is the key to any successful deal and therefore commit to being responsive and professional throughout the entire process, making sure you get peace of mind you deserve.


Any Condition

Any Challenge

Selling your real estate properties in Cincinnati for the exchange of money

Selling a real estate property in Cincinnati in the same way many people are selling-

will cost heavy fees. You find the most suitable and reliable estate agent who will present your property for public viewings for potential buyers. This thing alone costs you a lot of dollars that you will spend on the necessary work for bringing your home to a condition where you can sell it. Selling your home is not a close case – you still need to hope that the buyers who will view it will come in with a buying offer you cannot refuse. 


Through the joint work and effort of you and our team of professionals, in buying real estate

properties in Cincinnati, you do not need to deal with these challenging and

irritating steps. We are at Buying real estate properties in Cincinnati buy properties for dollars without going around the bush, and we buy homes no matter what worst condition they are, so you do not have to spend your money on repairs and renovations. In addition, you must not have to and are not required to pay us any commission fees and additional closing costs because we are eliminating the role of a broker in our buying method, so you don’t need to face any financing. 

In our offers of buying real estate, there are no hidden motives or hidden intentions whatsoever, and all our buying method begins and start with a fast without string-attached phone talk. Contact us now to start the process of selling your home is on the run.


Here at Home Buyers in Cincinnati Branch, you can sell your property quickly and save yourself the high costs that come with realtors’ services, if you are not sure that the selling of your home will come to term, and all your best efforts and valuable time and effort for preparing your home for public views will go down the drain – we are the solution to your problem. If you wonder how on earth, you can sell your house if you want to learn more about it – call us and we will be happy to schedule for you and our team a walkthrough in your property – and offer you to buy it for cash with no obligation. We are buying houses as they are, so the pace of closing the deal is only up to your wants and needs. We are able and willing to get a quick or slow deal closing – whatever works for you.


When the right time comes for you to sell your property, the only ruth of action is not to use the services of a real estate agent for the sale because it will cost you a fortune. The better offer is ours: call Home Buyers in Cincinnati and get a worthy offer price from us to buy your house without any hidden agendas or fees. 


Areas we service

We are known for being highly knowledgeable and effective in conducting real estate transactions in the states of Ohio and Indiana.



Fort Wayne



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