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We are investors who buy houses
with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

IDD Real Estate was established in 2018. We are a FULL-SERVICE REAL ESTATE company located in Lakewood, OH., providing fulfilling Real Estate solutions for both home buyers and sellers.

Our mission is to provide solutions and solve problems by pursuing real estate investing with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

IDD Real Estate buys homes across the states of Ohio and Indiana without expensive real estate commissions or endless fees. We not only pay a fair price, but we also buy your home AS-IS, pay for ALL the closing costs and can close in as little as 14 days.

Our core values are:


We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect no matter what situation they are in.


We will be honest and transparent whether the information is good or bad.


We believe good communication is the key to any successful deal and therefore commit to being responsive and professional throughout the entire process

We are known for being highly knowledgeable and going above and beyond for each and every client.

Our team is very experienced and effective in helping solve complex situations and expediating the selling of your property. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and commit to being very communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring you will get the peace of mind you deserve.

We are confident we can help you find a solution to your real estate needs!

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IDD Real Estate

Our Team

Daniel Nigri

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel is the current CEO for IDD Real Estate.

He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Before his career with IDD Real Estate, Daniel’s work focused on infrastructure projects and design offices. He also invested in real estate, following a buy-and-hold strategy for five years.

Daniel’s strong passion for real estate investing and his sincere desire to help people become financially independent encouraged him to start IDD Real Estate a couple of years ago.

Under his leadership for the past five years, the company showed consistent growth, leading to rapid expansion.

Idan Yakobovsky

CFO & Co-Founder

Idan is our Chief Financial Officer. Before joining IDD Real Estate, he worked as a controller and CFO of a few private and public real estate companies. His past experiences helped him gain a unique skill set in real estate finance.

Idan is a real estate investor too! In fact, he has vast experience with investing in single-family and multi-family properties.

He is a strong family man who knows the importance of bonds made inside a family’s home.

Liran Tene

Head of Acquisitions & Partner

Liran is our Head of Acquisitions. He graduated with honors with two degrees—Economics and Life Sciences—from Tel Aviv University.

Before his stint at IDD Real Estate, he worked as a broker and analyst for major banks (specializing in stocks and bonds) for seven (7) years.

For the last six years, Liran has worked on hundreds of real estate transactions. He is now bringing his vast experience in IDD as he joined us as a full partner.


Gerardo Azanza

Acquisition Specialist

Gerardo joined IDD Real Estate in 2022 as an acquisition specialist.

He studied Industrial Engineering, which helped him land multiple sales and business development positions.

Before joining IDD Real Estate he worked as a private lender to investors all over the United States, where he started gaining knowledge about the real estate world. This, eventually, led him to want to pursue a career as an acquisition specialist himself.

Gerardo is a native Spanish speaker. As a responsible, self-driven, and enterprising person, we believe he will contribute his personal skills to the growth of the company.

Scott 2

Scott Ginn

Acquisition Specialist

Scott joined IDD Real Estate in 2022, as an acquisition specialist.

He has a lifetime of experience in sales and as a trading expert, having run his own business in the UK for over 15 years, involving the worldwide import and export of food products.

Along side this career he involved himself with the buying and selling of properties that he bought , renovated and sold as a personal interest which evolved into another prosperous business.

His passion for the real estates market is forever growing and we are fortunate and proud to have him on our team here at IDD.


Cristina Sau

Acquisition Specialist

Cristina joined IDD Real Estate in 2022, as an acquisition specialist.

Cristina has over 20 years in Project Management in Communications and Marketing, Client Management, Customer Service and Event Organization.

She has applied her skills and experience to the banking industry and the tourism business having worked in different languages with multi-cultural teams in over 10 different countries.

Cristina has a marketing degree and an MBA in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Lisbon and speaks 4 languages.

Cristina has joined the IDD Real Estate team to bring her customer-oriented approach to deliver the best solutions to our clients.


Oscar Robles

Acquisition Specialist

Oscar joined IDD Real Estate in 2022, as an acquisition specialist.

Before this, he worked for several years as a Key Account Manager for American Express dealing with corporate clients from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. This helped him understand better different cultures and be able to better handle difficult situations. 

His passion for Real Estate started with an Airbnb project in early 2021 that he built from scratch. After this, he decided he wanted to stay involved in the industry and keep growing in it. 

As a hobby, he likes doing long-distance cycling to keep himself motivated to reach his goals through discipline and hard work in the long term.

Zulia final 2

Zulia Adam

Acquisition Specialist

Zulia joined IDD Real Estate in 2022 as an acquisition specialist.

Zulia recently graduated from International Business and Trade. Completed an internship at a Customs Agency, learning about all applicable laws between countries and understanding imports and exports.

Zulia lived abroad since 2016, being able to understand 4 different languages and their culture, and is considered as having the flexibility to adapt fast to changing demand.

Being good at interpersonal communication, Zulia love talking with home sellers and building solutions to help Sellers sell their house and get out of complex situations.


Cris Bravo

Deal Desk Analyst

Cris joined IDD Real Estate as an acquisition specialist in 2022 as an acquisition specialist.

Very soon we realized Cris is good with the numbers  and today he is the company Deal Desk Analyst.

In addition to Real Estate Cris also has a strong passion for surfing he also works as a head coach at a top surfing school.


Minerva Guardado

Minerva Guardado

Transaction Coordinator

Minerva Joined IDD Real Estate in 2021 and she is our Transaction Coordinator in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly and on track for the closing of all deals.

Minerva is also a graphical designer and responsible for creating some of IDD’s marketing materials.

Oliver Mejia

Lead Manager

Oliver Joined IDD Real Estate in 2019 as a lead generation agent.

Today Oliver is the manager of the Lead Generation department in IDD Real estate and is managing more the 10 agents daily.


Vania Arizmendi

Acquisition Assistant

Vania Joined IDD Real Estate in 2022 as an Acquisition Assistant.

Before joining the team she worked as a Community Manager and as an English Teacher for 5 years before thinking about becoming a trainer and QA specialist for an AI Development company and then finding a whole new world of opportunities at IDD Real Estate.

Her previous jobs helped her stay up to date with digital technology trends, handling customer queries and adjusting to their quality standards. They have also made it easier for her to enjoy learning new processes and maintaining a problem solving attitude which rea so important for her role in IDD.



Jeanette Aguilar

Disposition Agent

Jeanette joined IDD Real Estate in 2022 as a disposition agent.

Before joining IDD jeanette worked in few positions related to international operations, customer experience and marketing.

In IDD Jeanette is dealing with building investors relations, marketing of properties and improving the company social media presence. 

Colin Biro

Northeast Ohio Consultant

Colin was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, passionate about Cleveland and its vibrant suburbs.  As a Benedictine High School graduate, Colin didn’t travel far from home to attend Cleveland State University where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Management Track in 2015.

Since 2015 Colin works as a realtor in the Northeast Ohio market and as a Northeast Ohio Consultant for IDD Real Estate.

Patrick Roberts

Cincinnati & Dayton Consultant

Prior to starting his real estate career in 2020, Patrick worked as a Pediatric ICU nurse and a General Contractor rehabbing homes across the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Given his contracting background and vast understanding of the Cincinnati & Dayton markets, Patrick is a great asset to our team!

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