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Simply give us a call at (216) 616-3321 or fill out our form online and we will contact you to get more information about your property.

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We will schedule a quick in person visit at your property to confirm the information you provided to us and check the property.

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We will send you a written offer with closing date of your choice.

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Remember, we charge you no fees or realtor commissions and we will cover all closing costs.

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About us

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

Our reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, and for going out of our way to offer the very best price we can for every property is second to none.

Our team is very experienced and effective in helping solve complex situations and expediating the selling of your property. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and commit to being very communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring you will get the peace of mind you deserve.

Regardless of the condition, age, size, or specific situation of your home, we commit to giving you a FAIR OFFER to buy your property, in its AS-IS state.

When you work with us, you will no longer need to deal with realtors, pay realtor commissions, wait months for a buyer, pay closing costs or do any repairs to prepare your house for sale.

What makes IDD REAL ESTATE different is that our core value is communication. We believe good communication is the key to any successful deal and therefore commit to being responsive and professional throughout the entire process, making sure you get peace of mind you deserve.

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We Buy Houses and Have Helped People in All Kinds of Situations

It’s about you and your situation…we have helped many people with many different reasons for why they want to sell…
We take pride in being respectful of your situation and we will do everything possible to bring you an offer that helps you.



Tax Lien

Loss of income


Costly repairs



Behind on payments


Difficult tenants

Medical bills


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